Flying agressively with your Walkera Lama 400, Lama 400D, Lama 400Q, or EC-135 ?

    Avoid blade strikes with the Turbo Airy 17.5 CM  Extended Shaft.  The typical co-axial is not made for agressive flying, but many users get bored of hoovering
    a co-axial very quickly.  It's only natural to fly aggressively.  Yawing left or right too fast will cause blade striking.  An extended shaft will avoid most of these
    problems.  A very simple mod to install.

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    Description:  AIRY TURBO SHAFT+17.5mm for Walkera Lama 400D - No more Blade Strikes. This Turbo Shaft is 17.5mm longer than the stock
    central shaft, you will have no more Blade Strike from the Top Rotor and Bottom Rotor. And you will get much faster and agilitly from the heli, now
    flying outdoor is possible. It is a must item for many players.

    Price:   $19.99
    1 piece

Description: Description:  R/C LED Lighting
System -
R/C LED Lighting System, easy to use
on scale lighting set suittable for 30-60 size scale
model Helicopters and Aeroplanes.

2 red Beacon
2 White Strobe
1 Red
1 Green navigation light
A set for landing light.

Includes flush mount LED plugs, to install in
canopies or wings.

Input: 4-6v
Current: 30mA
Main board size: 35x24x8mm
LED wire length: 600mm/pc
Weight: 35g

Price:   $19.99(USD)


    Description:  AIRY Aluminum Lower Blade Connector for Walkera
    Lama 400D, 400, or EC-315 - A Must have item for your Lama 400
    Series Helicopter

    The original plastic lower blade connector is simply too weak to
    survive any crash, and a pain to replace, so we make this metal
    version lower blade connector to solve the problem, simple!

    Price:   $17.99
    1 piece
NEW !!!  NEW !!!  NEW !!!
NEW !!!  NEW !!!  NEW !!!

Convert and Avoid Blade Strikes !!!
Upgrade to a +17.5mm Extended Shaft AND Metal Lower Blade Connector for your
2.4 Ghz WALKERA LAMA 400D, LAMA 400, LAMA 400Q, or EC-135
4-Channel Co-axial Electric Helicopter
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