Parts List:

(1) WALKERA V400D02 MAIN BRUSHLESS MOTOR KIT w/Programmable ESC and 15t pinion installed, pre-wired with a 3.5mm Bannana power plug installed.
11.1 Volt 1,300Mah 20c or 11.1 volt 1,500Mah 20c LIPO Battery w/ 3.5mm XT60 connector (Recommended)
(1) XT-60 to 3.5mm Banana Adapter Plug (recommended)
(1) ON/OFF Power Switch w/3.5mm banana connectors (Recommended)
(1) Xtreme Productions Carbon Fiber Blades 325mm (Recommended)
Metal Tail Boom Support Mount (Recommended)
(1) 5-AMP ATO Fast blow disposable fuse for Tail Motor (Recommended)

    Why Convert to a brushless motor system ?

    This is one of the newest Flybarless helicopters utilizing the 3-axis gyro technology. Overall the heli flys well but somewhat slugglish despite the use of a
    large 380 carbon brushed stock motor.  The 380 carbon brushed stock motor heated up very fast and didn't delivery as much power hence a sligglish flying
    heli.  Like most users we got tired of replacing the carbon brushed motors every 150 full flights and waiting for the motor to cool down before flying again.

    The solution was replacing the stock carbon brushed motor with a high speed brushless motor system.  This gives us the best of both worlds -- Higher
    RPM levels for easier throttling and the motor stays cool to the touch after flying.  This means no more waiting for the motor to cool down.  So effectively, you
    can fly all day just by swapping the LIPO Battery out of the battery tray.

    The other problem was the strong and brittle stock landing gear.  Although built strong it is brittle and can break on minor crashes.  We fixed that with the
    famous Super Skids 400 landing gear system used on 350-400 helis.  This allowed us to mount an 11.1volt 1,500Mah 20c LIPO resulting in extended  
    flight times of approximately 12-15 minutes. Lastly, we changed the stock blades to real extended carbon fiber Stealth Blades which are lighter and
    stronger.  We use the 315mm blades which are slightly longer giving even better lift to the helicopter.

    Why buy from us ?

    We  have basically done all of the soldering work, pinion installation, ESC programming, Banana power plug installation, and pre-wiring.  Unlike other
    brushless kits, we include all the necessary hardware like the motor screws and the nylon ties.  All you have to do is just install using a screwdriver and
    hexdriver for replacing the carbon brushed motor with the new brushless motor and where to connect the various connectors with the provided
    instructions.  No soldering required for the Main Brushless Motor installation.  Direct Drive (DD) Brushless Tail Motor is now available.
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Description: 2-6 Cell LIPO Battery Monitor - Check each cell voltage and total LIPO Battery voltage.  (Just
Plug into Balance Connector to Check Voltage)

Price:   $8.99

Description: XT-60 to 3.5mm Banana Adapter Plug - These are the new connectors that are replacing the
old style Deans "T" Connector.
(Connect between XT60 LIPO)

Need more Battery Adapters ?
Click Here !

Price:   $6.99
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Upgrade to a High Speed Main Brushless Motor System for your
2.4 Ghz WALKERA V400D02 / Exceed RC XH400 / Century UK Neon Blaze SE FLYBARLESS
6-Channel Collective Pitched (CP) Electric Helicopter

Description:   SuperSkids® 400 Landing Gear (SLG400 BLACK)
The built-in passive suspension is designed to isolate  your helicopter's frame from impact forces.  
(Fits Walkera V450D01, V400D02, Lama 3, Lama 400, 400D, EC-135, Creata 400, E-Sky BIG Lama,
E-SKY HBFP, E-SKY HB Belt CPX, V2 , King 2, and Belt CP, Axe CP, E-flite Blade 400 and similar
400 size helis, T-rex and similar 450 helis, and some 300 size helicopters. (Super Grips Yellow not
included - To get Super Grips Goto:
Super Skid Products ) Pictured is Super  Skids 400 in Black.

Price:   $16.99

Description: ON/OFF Power Pushbutton Switch for Walkera V400D02 and other helicopters that use a
3.5mm Banana connector.
(Connect between LIPO Battery and Rx.)

Price:   $6.99

Description:   TURNIGY High Performance 11.1 Volt 1,300 Mah 3S 20C Lipo Pack w/ XT60
Connector -
(Need LIPO Battery Adapters - Click Here !)

Minimum Capacity: 1300mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 20C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 20C
Pack Weight: 115g
Pack Size: 72 x 36 x 24mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: XT60

Price:   $23.99
"The place to shop for modifications to your R/C Electric Helicopter"


Description:  TURNIGY Performance 11.1 Volt 1,500 Mah 3S 20C Lipo Pack w /XT60
Extended battery for more flight time (10-12 minutes) - (Need LIPO Battery Adapters - Click
Here !)

Charge LIPO quicker with Professional LIPO Charger =>

Minimum Capacity: 1500mAh
Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1v / 3Cell
Constant Discharge: 20C
Peak Discharge (10sec): 30C
Pack Weight: 133g
Pack Size:106 x 35 x 19mm
Charge Plug: JST-XH
Discharge plug: XT60

Price:   $26.99

Description:  Adapter 450®  (SLG450 Adapter BLACK) - Adapts SuperSkids400™ and most
400/450 size helis. Strengthens the frame of 400/450 helis like the Walkera V400D02, E-Sky Belt
CPX, CP, King 3,4,5, T-Rex 400-500, DF36, Blade400 and Belt CP where the landing gear attaches.
Adds 8mm ground clearance. Stiffens SuperSkids400 suspension. Comes in pairs and with hardware.
(Requires Super Skids 400)

Price:   $4.99

Description:  Disposable ATO 5 AMP Fast Blow Fuse w/ JST connectors  - Protect your RX and electronic
speed controller from your carbon brushed tail motor. No soldering required.  Just insert between the
V400D02 ESC Controller "Tail output" and TAIL Motor connector. (not required for Direct Drive (DD) Brushless

Price:    $3.99

Description:   METAL TAIL BOOM SUPPORT MOUNT- All metal designed to re-inforce the
tail servo rod holder (HM-V400D02-Z-17) and tail boom to the metal airframe. (Fits Walkera
V370D05 and V400D02)

Price:   $19.99

Description:  WALKERA V400D02 MAIN BRUSHLESS MOTOR KIT w/programmable
ESC and 15t pinion installed, pre-wired with 3.5mm Banana power plug installed.   
(Comes with mounting screws and nylon tie wraps.)


(1) Pre-wired MAIN BRUSHLESS MOTOR KIT w/programmable ESC and 15t pinion
installed, pre-wired with a 3.5mm Banana Power Plug.   
(Comes with motor mounting
screws and nylon tie wraps.)
(1) Signal Converter with plugs.
(4) Nylon Ties
(1) Installation Instructions

Price:   $ 74.99
Main Brushless Motor
Metal Tail Boom Support Mount
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Solution Graphics


Description:  R/C LED Lighting System - R/C
LED Lighting System, easy to use on scale lighting
set suittable for 30-60 size scale model Helicopters
and Aeroplanes.

2 red Beacon
2 White Strobe
1 Red
1 Green navigation light
A set for landing light.

Input: 4-6v
Current: 30mA
Main board size: 35x24x8mm
LED wire length: 600mm/pc
Weight: 35g

Price:    $19.99
1 Set
NEW !  

Description: ZEAL Carbon Fiber Blade 325mm RED for 450 CP R/C Helicopter -
Well balanced blades fits large sized 450 collective pitched R/C Helicopters. Zeal rotor blades
define the intensity you feel with RC helicopter flight, unlocking the drive to push harder, faster &
lower.  Constructed of the highest quality carbon fiber layup, Zeal rotor blades are optimized for
modern day RC helicopter performance, designed & ready to be pushed like no other blade on the
market today. Balanced with an optimal center of gravity, and coalescing symmetrical airfoil
technology chosen for maximum levels of rotor performance, Zeal rotor blades were brought forth to
suit the demands of those in search of the extremes.

Need a different color blade (CLICK HERE) ?  =>

-Material: Carbon Fiber
•Length: 325mm
•Width: 33mm
•Root thickness: 4.5mm
•Hole Diameter (Bolt): 3mm
•Weight: approx 26g (single blade)

Price:    $24.99(USD)