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Parts List:

(1) Walkera MASTER CP MAIN Brushless Motor Kit  (Required).
(1) Walkera Mastaer CP Direct Drive (DD) Brushless Tail Motor Kit.
XTREME PRODUCTIONS  BLUE Medium Strength thread locker (Recommended)


1. In order to have the Direct Drive (DD) Brushless Tail motor Installed and
working properly, you must have the Brushless Main Motor mod already
installed.  The DD Brushless Tail motor will NOT work without the
Brushless Main motor Installed and will not work properly with a stock
carbon brushed motor.  Carefully remove all the items from the plastic
bubble wrapped bag.  Every endpoint connector has been carefully
labelled for your convenience and easy installation.  We also TEST EACH
KIT before shipping out to be working properly, so that there is NO
QUESTION that this kit did not work before shipping out to you.

2. The tools you will need are a small wire cutter and a
Metric Hex
screwdriver Set. (not shown)  We also recommend using some Blue
medium strength thread lock on all tail motor screws.

3. Unplug the Tail Motor power connector that connects to the Walkera
Master CP Speed Controller.  Unplug power leads (Red and Black) wires
of the Tail motor.  Remove the Stock Carbon brushed Tail motor with the
Tail Motor Holder by unscrewing the small set scew that holds it to the Tail
boom.  Carefully pull out the tail assembly.  Then, carefully pull out the Tail
motor wire in the tail boom.  Pull gently from the head end JST Connector
of the tail power wire.  

4.  Replacing the direct drive (DD) Brushless Tail propeller is very easy.  
You will need a 1.5mm Hex Screw driver.

5.  Using the hole at the end of the propellar cone and holding the
brushless tail motor, insert the tip of the 1.5mm hexdriver into this small
hole and turn to tighten or loosen.

Let's connect the Tail Propeller to the brushless tail motor.  Notice the
shaft is flat on one side.  This is were the propeller set screw hole should
align with.  Then using a hex driver (1.5mm) -- set the grub screw from the
propeller onto the direct drive tail motor.

You can purchase replacement these three blade direct drive (DD) tail
blades by clicking here =>

6.  Install the Direct Drive (DD) Brushless tail motor-  First, remove the
landing Skid and struts from the airframe.  You will need to remove the tail
boom and snake the wires through the tail boom.  

7.  Remove Right hand servo and pipe tri-color wire up thru the main

8.  Reconnect the tri-color signal wire into the brushless tail motor ESC.  
(Note: When everything is installed, If the Tail motor spins backwards.  
Take any TWO of the Three Signal wires and swap and then reconnect into
the Brushless DD Tail Motor ESC.)  

Reconnect cyclic servo.  Reconnect landing skid to airframe to .  Use
nylon tie wraps and secure to the airframe.

9.  Okay, now we will connect the other end of the DD Brushless tail kit
into the RX.   Carefully remove single ORANGE signal wire from the RX and
connect the new two wire signal wire into the RUDDER INPUT of the RX.  
BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO DAMAGE THE two wire direct drive (DD)
Brushless Tail motor Signal wire.

Make sure the wire orientaton is correct from the picture.

(This signal wire only has two wires (RED and WHITE) which will now
replace the single ORANGE wire.)

11.  Finally, connect the JST Power wire to the Walkera MAster CP Main
Brushless Kit.  Locate the JST Power connector and connect.  You are
now done installing the Walkera Master CP Brushless DD Tail Kit.
Finished view of the WALKERA Master CP w/Main Brushless Motor System, Direct Drive (DD) Brushless Tail Motor System,
Metal Gear (MG) Servos, Extended Turnigy Nano-Tech 11.1v 1,600Mah LIPO Battery, ON/OFF Pushbutton Power Switch, and
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Description: Outrage 4-in-1 Hex Driver Set
1.5~ 3.0 -
An excellent addition to any flight box.

The Outrage 4-in-1 driver has a hardened
tool-steel tip, which resists corrosion & wear.
This driver also features an ergonomic and
lightweight alluminum handle that holds up to
4 sized tips - 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and
3.0mm. All 4 screw driver shafts are designed
to use with only 1 handle for space and weight
savings. These tips are designed to fit nicely
inside the handle when not in use, allowing
easy storage & access. Once you use this hex
driver set, you won't want separate screw
drivers any more, and you will love having 4
wrenches in one small pocket.

Price:    $13.99
1 Set

Description: Deluxe Long Nose Pliers/Cutter
Tool -
These pliers feature forged-steel
construction for durability. The jaws are
machined to give you a slip-resistant grip, and
the tool's handle gives extra comfort.

Length: 135mm (5.3")
Width: 57mm (2.2")
Jaw length: 44mm (1.7")

Price:    $4.99(USD)
1 Piece

Description: Deluxe Precision Diagonal
Cutter Tool -
Precision and comfortable, this
cutter is a handy tool for your flight box to cut
excessive length of wires, or to trim off
excessive materials.

Length: 199mm (4.6")
Width: 57mm (2.2")
Jaw length: 22mm (.8")

Price:    $4.99(USD)
1 Piece

Description:  EXI 15-PIECE TOOL SET w/
An excellent addition to any
flight box.

1x Ball Link Turn Buckle    
1x Ball Link Sizing
2 x 1.5mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1 x 2.0mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1 x 2.5mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1 x 3.0mm Hexangular Screwdriver
1 x + 4.00mm Screwdriver
1 x + 3mm Screwdriver
1 x 4.0mm Hexagonal socket
1 x 5.5mm Hexagonal socket
1 x Ball Link Pliers
1 x Long Nose pliers
1 x Cutter Pliers
1 x Pitch Gauge

Price:    $39.99
1 Set

Threadlocker Compound to be used on metal
fasteners. It is not recommended for plastic
parts. A must have item for screws that get
loose from flying.

Technical Data:
•Maximum thread size: Up to M36
•Strength: Medium 6mil
•Breakaway torque M10 bolts: 6Nm
•Fixture time steel: 15 min.
•Fixture time brass: 8 min.
•Fixture time stainless steel: 360 min.
•Service temperature range: -55°C - +150°C

Price:    $4.99
1 Tube

Description:  ALIGN AP800 Digital Pitch
Gauge (HET80001) -
A must have for calibrating
Helicopters and traditional flybar
helicopters. Flybarless RC helicopters make it difficult
to adjust/check the pitch set-up of helicopters main
rotor blades. The ALIGN Gauge offers simplicity,
accuracy, and fast pitch angle measurement.

Auto-detecting Horizontal level.
Uses backlighting LCD monitor.
Zero and Lock function.
Detectable pitch range: -90° ~ 90°.
Automatic screen rotation.
Suitable for 200~800mm main blades.
Build-in energy saving function. Power shuts down
after 3 mins without any movement.

Price:    $34.99
1 Piece
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